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Emergency Water Restoration


We are a emergency disaster restoration specializing in property damage repairs at no cost to you. Our Construction fees are paid by your insurance company for the reconstruction of your home. We have had Disaster Victims in the past that are politicians, accountants, attorneys, firemen, police, brokers and even employees that work within the insurance industry. These are people that are familiar with the ongoing practices of insurance companies and they come to us for guidance and comfort, to help them get through these difficult times. Our business function is to assist in preparing and presenting the property damage to the insurance company.

The handling of your loss requires extensive claim preparation, detail and policy analysis, to enable you to achieve the maximum settlement and to ensure that your home or commercial property is repaired with the highest quality. In addition, it requires precise judgment and comprehensive knowledge of inventory, structural damage, and business interruption and current replacement costs.

Our company employs and maintains highly experienced personnel trained to determine values of property loss damages and costs of repairs to the building structure. These are skills necessary for preparing claims that will result in prompt and equitable loss settlements. As contractors specializing in property damage, we can restore the building better than its pre-loss condition using the insurance proceeds generated by our company at no additional cost to you. Furthermore, any work performed by our company is guaranteed in writing. When Accurate Restoration has been hired to repair building damages, we will also supply the necessary documentation to the mortgage company (if any) relating to the building repairs, escrow account, along with the necessary city, county, building & demolition permits.

Call us today, for a no-pressure consultation and we will meet you at your earliest convenience (800) 989-4058

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